Making a difference locally


Walter Lloyd Jones has been a locally owned and managed company since 1905 focussing its efforts around the beautiful area of southern Snowdonia.

We think our services and the way we deliver them make an important contribution to the locality,  and we are always looking for opportunities to contribute in other ways.

Most of our income is reinvested in the local economy through wages, and wherever possible, we will buy products and services from local businesses just like ours.

Our owners, directors and staff live across the area we cover and contribute to their own communities in different ways whether on community councils, as school governors, for charitable causes or even for the local justice system!

In addition, we are committed to making 10% of our profits available for sponsoring community activities. We have sponsored sport teams, supported one-off events and contributed towards equipment for clubs in the past. 

If you are involved in a local club, charity or event and would like to apply for support in some way then please write to our Director, Jon Pike, at, providing information about the cause and the support you are looking for.

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