Tier 4 restrictions on property viewings


We are adhering to Welsh Government guidance regarding property viewings in the area. As far as possible we will conduct virtual viewings in the first instance to ensure that face to face viewings only take place with those who have requested a second viewing. However this is subject to vendors own preference in each case. This will be by appointment only and requires that all parties follow COVID guidelines carefully: please wear a mask at all times, use hand sanitizer before entering any property, ensure social distancing throughout. Viewings cannot take place if you, or anyone in your household / support bubble has tested positive for, or experienced symptoms of COVID-19 in the last week. If you would like to view a property please call our offices in the first instance.


Welsh Government guidance (https://gov.wales/moving-home-during-coronavirus-pandemic#section-54975 ):


Physical viewings can take place. The following advice on prioritising virtual visits, should be followed.

You should use virtual viewings before visiting properties in person, in order to minimise public health risks, by ensuring you are visiting only those properties that appear to be most suitable to meet your needs and preferences. Physical viewings can take place, but there are ‘key points to consider,’ which are further explored below, to do so safely.


Key points to consider are:

  • you should search for properties online in the first instance
  • initial viewings should be done virtually and property landlords and agents should help you to do this
  • all physical viewings of properties should be by appointment only and social distancing rules should be followed by everyone involved
  • properties should be thoroughly cleaned before and after viewing
  • physical viewings of properties should be limited to members of the same household, and ideally, where possible, the adult members of that household only (or one member from each household if the home move involves the household and extended household), thereby limiting the number of visitors including children, viewing a property at any one time
  • any work in someone’s home should be carried out in line with guidance on working in other people’s homes
  • the agent or landlord can accompany the viewing
  • social distancing measures must be adhered to at all times and face coverings should be worn
  • no open house viewings should take place
  • only the person accompanying the viewing should be in attendance; this may be the agent or landlord or a single member of the occupying household – where possible, everyone else should vacate the property to avoid mixing with member of another household indoors.
  • whilst viewings are taking place where the current occupiers of the property cannot vacate the property, even for a short time, they should make efforts to minimise contact with those viewing the property, for example, by being in a different room from these individuals and maintaining social distancing at all times.
  • the agent or landlord must travel to the property separately from the household viewing the property; car sharing is to be avoided
  • Viewings should be ‘touch free’, the person accompanying the viewing should be the only person to open doors, switch on lights etc. and should follow good hand hygiene procedures to minimise risk of spreading the virus. Everyone  should avoid touching surfaces, wash their hands at the earliest opportunity following the visit and bring and use their own hand sanitiser
  • once the viewing has taken place, the landlord or agent responsible for accompanying the viewing should ensure surfaces, such as door handles, are cleaned with standard household cleaning products and towels disposed of safely or washed as appropriate
  • when you enter someone else’s home, or if someone enters your home, the guidance on entering other people’s homes should be followed.


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